About me

Matthijs van den Boogert

I'm Matthijs and the proud owner of Sailectric.
I graduated at MBO level 4 Middle management engineering 2019. I started this company to be able to mean a lot to individuals and companies. My mission is to provide technical support in shipping and within companies.
My passion is automation. I find electronics and programming the most interesting within automation. I am familiar with the programming language: Function Block, Ladder, SFC and SCL. I have experience with Siemens and Mitshubishi PLCs and Arduino.
Another passion of mine is designing. Within designing I worked with the following programs: Eplan, Solidworks, Fluidsim and autocad.
I have been sailing from an early age. I started touring and around the age of 17 I started racing. I started racing in the Sanya. This ship was an old volvo ocean racer (vo70). After I did this for three-quarters of a year, I changed ownership and went on to the ocean races academy.